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Monster UAZZ testing video

Operatorius ir režisierius - Ramūnas.

Komentarai (4)

2015.10.09 17:03:58
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2015.10.09 09:00:29
was no hype or talk of Murder 2 and its one of the biggest hits of the year. noone in the world saw dat<a href="http://gjjuafv.com"> heppaning</a> ..dat wasa a 1 hell of a BIG suprise along with haunted & pyaar ka punchnama this year though,i loved Murder2 very much and liked PKP also ..havent seen Haunted till now .as for the post,i am very happy now ..the films seems to be doing great for itself and will rule the single screesn inspite of MBKD opposition but now the key remains with the collections at the multiplexes itself .as to weather how MBKD turns out(which is looking quite good till now) and hw BG performs at multi/metroes in 2nd week will make it cross Dabangg and might also cross the 150cr+ barrier !!!

2015.10.09 02:48:05
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2015.09.24 19:17:34
Lost my blogging mojo too. Don't seem to be able to find the time, thuogh I'm halfway through knitting a pair of socks so there's definitely some spare time knocking around somewhere! I'm sure we have a couple of old phones lurking about the place thuogh goodness knows where they are! If I manage to locate them I'll be in touch,x



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